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22.23 Feb 2020

Sydney International Whitewater Festival

​Womens K-1   1st place

Publishing Canoe World Vol 20.  

29 May 

 Media coverage News Chu-ta
5 September 


Chu-ta is a local newspaper printed by Chunichi Shimbun to transmit the attractions in Chuno (South central Gif prefecture) and Takayama areas. This article was issued on September 5th 2020.

Chuno area (Gujo city, Mino city, Seki city, Minokamo city, and Kamo county), Takayama city and Kanayama area in Gero city.

​Kayak school  29 September  Ena city Gifu Japan




2 November 2020  Hachiman nishi junior highschool Gujo city Gifu Japan

9November  2020   Hachiman nish junior highschool   Gujo city Gifu Japan



16 November Hachiman elementary school Gujo city Gifu Japan



7 December Shigakkan University Obu city Aichi Japan

Publishing River culture Japan 20 December


River Culture Japan 

Publication information
“River Culture ”
I wrote an article for this news letter.
The Japan River Association, which is a public interest incorporated foundation, seeks to maintain safe, comfortable, and abundant natural rivers for Japanese people, working to exchange information and disseminate knowledge about rivers and supporting river maintenance and related activities. The purpose of the Association is to contribute to the development of river culture and to promote public welfare. Members include individual members of local municipalities and private companies, as well as group members. Many of these individual members are involved in river work, and for the purpose of exchanging information with each other and enlightening river protection. we publish a newsletter quarterly with a circulation of about 4,000 going to members nationwide and overseas. The newsletter "River Culture" was created by the contributions of the general public, including individual members of the Japan River Association, and has published 90 issues so far. In addition to approximately 2,300 individual members, it is sent to river authorities in prefectures, major libraries and museums nationwide in Japan.
I wrote the word “river” in commemoration from this publication.

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